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Welcome to Shri Sahasrarjun College of Education (BEd), situated in the rural backward area of Karnataka in Lakshmeshwar, District-Gadag. The college has dedicated itself for providing excellent educational facilities in an area which is educationally, and economically backward. It is one of esteemed college, functioning since 2015 successfully. The college approved by the NCTE, New Delhi, duly recognized by Government of Karnataka and affiliated to Karanatak University, Dharwad, Karnataka. The college is offering UG Courses in Teacher Education (B.Ed).  The college earnestly promotes the quality education. Our college provides relevant education through the best faculty and infrastructure, so that students can withstand the rest of the time and be of utmost benefit to the society and nation. Our college is focused on creating versatile professionals who can apply their knowledge & skills anywhere in the world. The academy has marked its presence since its inception built a formidable name in the field of education.

Shri Sahasrarjun College Of Education (B.Ed) Laxmeshwar

Our Motive - One Vision, One Mission


Our Vision

“Transformation of student’s into good citizens and competent professionals through the incorporation and dispersal of knowledge.”


Our Mission

“To help and empower the students for uplifting towards the sustainable development in education”.

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Lakshmeshwara is a town in Gadag district, in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is about 40 km from Gadag and 55 km from Hubli. It is an agricultural trading town. There are many important temples in this historic town, including the other Shiva temple, the Someshwara Temple. There are two ancient Jain temples (Sannabasadi and Shankabasadi) in the town, as well as a notable Jamma Masjid. It is also home for many smaller shrines, a dargah, the Kodiyellamma temple, the Mukha Basavanna shrine, and a gigantic idol of Suryanarayana.

Lakshmeshwara is famous for prolific culture and literature. It is a place with rich heritage in Karnataka hence it is called as Tirulugannada Nadu. Many kings have patronized the place.

Lakshmeshwar or ancient Huligere or Puligere was the capital of Puligere-300. Puligere means pond of tigers. There are theories of the origin of the name Lakshmeshwara Name itself suggest Lakshmi worshipped Shiva and Did Penance to be Goddess of wealth and main Deity of temple is Shiva. Other names include Purigere, Porigere, Purikanagar and Pulikanagar. Adikavi Pampa wrote his famous poetry in Lakshmeshwara. Many Jain saints and writers have flourished here. They include Devachakra Bhattaraka, Shankanacharya, Hemadevacharya, Padmasena, Tribhuvana Chandra Padmita and Rama Dvacharya. The most important monument at Lakshemshwar is the Someshwara temple complex (11th century). The temple complex with three main entrances is surrounded by high walls look like a fort. It is a splendid specimen of Chalukya architecture. In middle of the temple complex, there is a Someshwara temple, surrounded by many small temples mainly dedicated to Shiva, along the compound wall, built with granite, some halls in the complex meant for resting devotees.